Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Automate Your Articles Online Business

AT Last The Easy Way To Automate Your Articles Online Business ...Guaranteed To Improve Your Profit and Drive Tons of Qualified Traffic to Your Websites!
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The basic processes take in online marketing articles are article writing and article submission. If you would like to automate these processes, this business software - "Instant Article Submitter" is for you...Automating your articles online business is probably one of the most rewarding and time-saving things a online articles writer can do to make more money.

Instant Article Submitter Promises To Slash The Time It Takes To Write and Distribute Your Articles For A Surge In Traffic and Incoming Links. Make money with a business software solution that write and submit articles for free.

There’s no question articles are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get targeted traffic and quality incoming links (that boost your search rankings) to your site. Not to mention, they don’t cost a cent!

Your articles online have to be good quality, be for an in-demand topic, and you must submit them to article directories, from where publishers can pick-up your articles to syndicate. Otherwise, you will have wasted your time.

Instant Article Submitter and its companion software Instant Article Creator(given as a bonus) sets-out to eliminate these problems associated with articles writing and submitting.

First, Instant Article Creator is a fill-in-the-blank software that guides you to creating an article automatic.Instant Article Creator which can help you write your article if you're not used to writing articles. It’s a simple software that does its job well. By having a step-by-step structure, you don’t have to worry about your articles getting too involved.Everything you need to include is right in front of you, all of the time.

Instant Article Submitter is an automatic article submission software. It help you easily distribute your articles to over 200 different websites and article directories.This is opposed to many other competing software that are only semi-automatic (meaning they still require you to visit each site manually and click the “Submit” button).

It visits all of the directories for you, logs into your account, and takes care of pushing all of the buttons. All you must do is fill in the security code that around three out of hundreds directories require.

This makes Instant Article Submitter a very similar option to the paid services which charge you a fee to use their service and they take care of all submitting. The only difference is that there are zero recurring fees, you know exactly where your articles are getting submitted to, and you can put it to work whenever you want.

It stands out over its competitors and the quality support and updates makes using it an easy decision.

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Article writing - Impruve your knowledge and skills.

Articles And Article Marketing Has Never Been Easier!

Writing of articles that publishers want in their publications and that work the most effective way for you is not easily. It insists good knowledge, and skills of topic, copywriting, keywords analysis, gramma and spelling.

Knowledge about topic: The first thing you are going to need to write a good article is some knowledge by your choosen topic. Generally the more useful, researchist, informative and interesting content a articl has, the more successful it will be। Remember you don't have to be an expert on the subject: all you are looking for is enough information so that you can whip up an article on It.

Knowledge and skills on articles writing:Very important is you to know how to create compelling article that really will skyrocket your promotions. If you want to write articles that make your traffic soar, swarm your newsletter with subscribers, and swell your bank account with more revenue It necessary you are well versed in the articles writing.
To inprove your learning, you mast-read " The Amazing Article Formula" by Chris Yates. This book will Discover You The Top Secret Underground Formula For Writing Articles That Will Skyrocket Your Promotions!Click here to find out more.

Keywords analysis skills: Keywords are very important element of a article. Must to know that you can get more visitors and better search engine results from your article if your choose right Keywords. You have to use a series of analysis to discover a broad range of the most specific keywords that suit your article and will bring you the highest volume of the most targeted traffic possible.
If you have not keywords analysis skill, you simply MUST get book "Obtaining a #1 Ranking in the Search Engines" and learn how to do what he does. Well-written and easy-to-follow, this is simply a must-read. Click here to find out more.

Language gramma skills: Remember before you publish new article always check spelling and gramma, spelling mistakes and poor grammar of your Article will appear unprof essional and people don't generally read Article. Publishers will not take the time to edit your article. Make sure.

Keep these basic components in mind. Knowledge and Skills are your ticket to your success .

Everyone knows that the Internet is loaded by content, "CONTENT IS KING" about online documents.

If you want to get High QUALITY, interesting and INFORMATIVE content articles which can be a direct path to your online success, Articles that are interesting and informative will act like a magnet to draw targeted traffic direct to your website in both the short term and the long term, I recommend you use Professional Article Writing Service. Click here to find out more.

START To Make Money:Learn the basic principles of article marketing. Write and submit articles to high search engine ranking article directories. Automate your articles online business.

Monday, May 14, 2007

High Search Engine Ranking Article Directories

Submit Your Article to High Search Engine Ranking Article Directories.

Increase Sales to YOUR online business by driving targeted interested visitors to your site who have read your related article! Use benefits of article marketing make you more money online.

There are three article submissions tips.

Article submissions service:An easy and professionally solution your Article distributed to the most popular article sites is article submissions service. If you want your Article distributed to OVER 300+ of the article sites CLICK HERE to find more.....

Article Submission Software: Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours (or even days) on the manual.
You can quickly and easily post your free articles to hundreds of the Internet's best article sites right from within your copy of Article Submitter.CLICK HERE to find more.....

Manually:Submit your articles to High Search Engine Ranking Article Directories below.

Articles Factory - Google PageRank - 7
Ezine Articles - Google PageRank - 6
Article City - Google PageRank - 6
Article Dash Board - Google PR - 6
Buzzle - Google PageRank - 6
eWealth Article Dashboard - PR - 6
BPubs - Google PageRank - 6
All Freelance Work - Google PR - 6
Free Sticky - Google PageRank - 6
Top 7 Business - Google PageRank – 5
Digital Women - Google PageRank - 5
Business Nation - Google PR - 5
iSnare - Google PageRank - 6
Web Source - Google PageRank - 5
Business Know How - Google PR - 6
Power Home Biz - Google PageRank - 6
iBiz Resources - Google PageRank - 5
Add Me - Google PageRank - 5
Article Trader - Google PageRank - 5
Amazines - Google PageRank - 5
Zinos - Google PageRank - 5
Author Connection - Google PR - 5
Article Wheel - Google PageRank - 5
A Woman in Business - PR - 5
Dotcom Women - Google PageRank - 5
Advertising Know How - PR- 5
Certificate - Google PageRank - 5
Biz eWomen - Google PageRank - 5
Biz Whiz - Google PageRank - 5
Article Central - Google PageRank - 5
ARA Content - Google PageRank - 5
Hack This Site - Google PageRank - 5
Idea Marketers - Google PageRank - 5
Gogena - Google PageRank - 5
Promotion Data - Google PageRank - 5
Link Snoop - Google PageRank - 5
Marketing Seek - Google PageRank - 5
Submit Your Article - PR- 5
Zinos - Google PageRank - 5
Webmasters Library - PR - 4
Easy Articles - Google PageRank - 4
Go Articles - Google PageRank - 4
RLROUSE - Google PageRank - 4
Big Articles - Google PageRank - 4
e Articles Online - Google PR- 4

START To Make Money: Learn the basic principles of article marketing Improve your knowledge and skills of article writing. Automate Your Articles Online Business.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Basic Principles of Article Marketing

Write and Submit Articles to High Search Engine Ranking Article Directories!

Drive Thousands of NEW Visitors to Your Website or Affiliate Links... Without Spending a Dime on Advertising!

The best ways to make money on the Internet is with Article Marketing is writing and submiting articles. The big business online use free reprint articles to promote your products and services. Article submissions is the well-kept secrets in getting web site traffic.

Best Quality Original Articles bring you many benefits. Help you generate additional links back to your site। Get continual traffic for long-term. Increase traffic to your website and improve visitors and customers. Get better search engine rankings.

I have created my blog to show benefits and basic principles of writing and submitting free articles. To give you information for most important tools and resources you need to succeed with article marketing.

Basic Principles Of Writing Free Articles.

Right Topic

In article writing the most important thing is to choose the right topic। Research and choose your niche and niche article directory. The best trick is to write about a topic that has to do with your web site or affiliate programs. If you don't have a product or service that relates directly to your article, make it part of your initial research to select one that does.

Keep article brief

Ideal article size is 300-750 words. The article paragraphs must to be with between 3 to 5 sentences each.

Proper grammar

Articles have to be written with perfect spelling and good grammatical style.

Overqualified contents

The article has to be high quality, informative and well researched contents, It should contain a great review of your chosen topic. It must share your unique expertise.

The title has to be powerful killer that will immediately grab the attention.The first 3-4 words of your title determine the success of the article. Choose the first 3-4 words wisely.

The body has to be compelling.The Keywords must be in the first paragraph of article body text - in the first 200 characters and again in the final 200 words.

At the end of your article, place a 4-5 line resource box.The resource box includes description of yourself or your product along with your name and URL. The resource box is of greatest importance. It is your opportunity to SELL yourself, your web site, your products or your services.


Articles have to keep reader's interest from the start to the finish. After readers read your article, they will see your resource box, read the ad and click your link.

Basic Article Submissions Principles

Choose the correct article directory

Submit your Article only to high search engine ranking article directories. Directories that have RSS feeds, Guidelines, Privacy and TSO.

Right article category

Choose the best category based on the theme of your article and not the theme of your business.Always submit article to the correct and proper category. Go for more readers; submit your article in category that it is most likely to read.


Use basic keywords, which relate to your article’s content, and don't add keywords, which are not related to your article.

Multiple, Multiple, Multiple

The best way to take advantage of article directories is to sign up with many article directories and submit articles to all of them.Submit your article to as many directories as possible.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."-- Walt Disney, Theme Park Mogul

Research your niche, cover your target audience. Find out what challenges do people have and what solutions can you offer. Plan the article how to expose your topic. Research search engine keywords for your article. Identify the web publishers.Study their websites.Read their editorial guidelines. Search and read articles by Internet marketing expert. Write and Submit your article.

Do you want to make money Writing Quality Articles?

I recommend to read "Turn Words Into Traffic" by Jim Edwards - world known Internet marketing expert.

This unique book reveals the secrets for using FREE articles to drive Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising! Click Here Now... to find out more.

START To Make Money:Improve your knowledge and skills of article writing . Write and submit articles to high search engine ranking article directories. Automate your articles online business.